Monday, June 20, 2005


Whacking Hello Kitty Posted by Hello

I'm still not sure how to publish multiple photos in one post. Have to work on that.

In the meantime - the kids had a great time beating the cat. Afterwards, just a cat head hung suspended from the rope - nice yard art.

Off to a friends' house to view their addition progress, then home to nap and get ready for the next party. It was at a neighborhood pool, so the girls had a blast and we were all happy to cool off from the high-90 degree heat.

Sunday, in addition to being Father's Day, was my husband's birthday, and we had invited several folks over to celebrate. The girls and I went to the grocery store first thing, to prepare and give Jesse some alone time. Then we hung out with some neighbors until lunch-time, so he really had an extended break from his summertime SAHD gig.

Three familes came over to celebrate with us, so we had 6 kids and 7 adults - much screaming, tumbling, and racing as well as some crying and hitting ensued. I love entertaining in our house, though - it's a really good venue for big groups.

After fabulous snacks, a great dinner and a rich chocolate cake, all but one family headed home. I'll post some pictures of the rest of the night, next - it was pretty sweet.

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