Friday, March 31, 2006

April Fools

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of having lived in this house. It's also April 1st, a date that was not lost on our new neighbors last year.

After having delivered what we later knew to be guilt-brownies, they began their plotting in earnest. While Hannah and Hazel slept, Jesse and I stayed up late to put away kitchen stuff - pots, pans, etc. Our kitchem window is large, and had no treatments, so we were well illuminated as we worked. In contrast, our neighbors Dawn, Wade and Paula were in total darkness, just yards away, as they crept about our front lawn.

After we'd finished our work, I went out to the car to get my book to read. I noticed a clothesline strung up in the darkness, and wondered that I hadn't seen earlier that our neighbors across the street had a laundry line up.

The next morning, it was clear that the clothesline was, in fact, in our yard, and on it were the delicate undergarments of a full-sized woman. Maybe two. Huge bloomers, a mu-mu, overalls, and a bra. Alongside a sign proclaiming, "Welcome to _" our neighborhood.

It was hilarious, and a great way to be greeted. Which is not to say that I haven't been waiting all year for our turn!

Tonight, Jesse and I crept out and installed For Rent signs in two yards, along with some lovely yard art. Some pink flamingos, some white plastic swan planters, plastic flowers, and fake plaster statuary - we wanted to dress up the yards so people would want to rent their houses!

Hopefully we'll get pictures tomorrow...can't wait.

How have you celebrated the holiday in the past?


blackbird said...

my boys have been oh, so busy.
they woke me this morning to say that the sewer line had backed up into their bathroom (it was sand from the beach in the toilet), Youngest reported that he and his biggest brother had used 'the five finger discount' to get the OJ from the deli, and Middle taped the spray nozzle in the ON position at my sink...

it could be a looooong day.

Daisy said...


I think I'll be in trouble when my children realize they can play tricks on me. Yours showed some real creativity, though, I like that!!