Monday, March 06, 2006

How does your garden grow?

Here in Central Texas, you're never quite sure when Spring has sprung. Even in winter (in which season we are now, techincally) we may get stretches of days in th 60's, 70's, and even 80's, intermingled with the occasional freeze and even hard freeze. In March, it could go either way - one more hard freeze, or practically summer.

This year, it seems to be summer already. We've had more than a few days in the 80's already, and the Mountain Laurels and the Redbuds are blooming like crazy.

Which is all to say that last weekend, I threw caution to the winds and planted my tomato starts. I know, I'm a risk-taker like that!

Luckily, the pleasant weather has prevailed and they are doing well. I have good intentions this year, my first full year in this house, on this land, of chronicling our horticultural endeavors, so this is my first step.

In addition to the tomatoes - I'm trying 5 varieties, 2 of each. I think they are sweet 100, porter, celebrity, early girl, and...something else. The mystery tomato. - I also put in a few red bell peppers (blushing?) and the girls made some selections as well - a Witch Hazel, a Quince, and some tulips. A Mutabilis Rose bush and an Anacacho Orchid tree have yet to be planted, but are doing well in their containers.

Last fall, the girls and I sowed wildflower seeds along our easement and in part of the front yard. I really hope we get some blooms from them.

I love Spring - the sense of a fresh start, a new chance to do good work and to plan for the future.

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