Thursday, March 09, 2006

In which I do not have a car accident

On my way back to the office from lunch today, I saw something that made me gasp out loud, and possibly made Kristina, to whom I was speaking at the time, fear for my automotive safety.

(The picture is of my car, after a valet damaged it this fall. Which is another story entirely.)

I should note that my lunch routine is exactly that - routine. Either I come home, and eat/multi-task, or I go across the street from my office to Central Market, pick up something, and bring it back to my desk to eat/multi-task. Do you see the theme?

What I saw today, what is so exciting, is that my favorite Thai restaurant in town, Madam Mam's, is opening a second location right across the street from my office. Close to the kids' school. Close to home. Hurray! The current and sole location is on the drag, by the UT campus, and is a pain to park at. Plus, the collegiate crowd there is not as excited about small children in their space as they could be. Because, you know, kids are exciting. At least excited.

My children love to eat there - spicy squid is a favorite, although mostly we get a pho-like soup with noodles, beef broth, and pot-roast-like chuncks of tender beef. And they lovingly pick apart spring rolls to eat the vermicelli, cucumbers and shrimp.

Madam Mam's is where Hazel once said something so funny that I actually wrote it down - a rarity. "Where are you from, Hazel?" I'd asked her, after a particularly outrageous statement on her part. "France." she immediately answered. "No you're not!" hollered Hannah, 2 years older, "You're from Austin!"

"Well," said Hazel, 2 1/2, (most of her declarative statements begin this way) "really I'm from France, I just talk like an Austin person."


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