Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's still dark...no, wait, that's the sunrise

Hazel came to our bed at 4:30 this morning. She tossed and turned, and finally Jesse took her to the bathroom and back to her bed. By this time, Hannah was awake, and eventually, at 5:00 AM, the two of them got up to play.

These are the children who have a hard time waking up before 7:30 on school days!

I decided to get up soon after, just in time to help with some scissor work.

So now it's 6, and I've read my blogroll, done my banking, sanded the wall I need to paint, applied another test coat of paint (an almost full can, courtesy of my neighbors, and I think I like it the best)(is it kosher to have the same color paint as your neighbors?).

Still to do - maybe make a menu for the week, and go grocery shopping? I need to go to WFM, which doesn't open until 8.

(there was some screaming, but it's stopped, so that's a good thing, right?)

Yesterday we went to the paint store and got some samples to play with. We also got KILZ, which I used to obliterate the smoke odor in our hall closet. It has a place for dirty laundry in it, and B.J., who lived here for 40 years, was a hard-core smoker. So her dirty laundry emanated fogs of smoke in that tiny, dark space for decades.


It's only taken us a year to get to, but I managed to paint the closet with KILZ in less than an hour. Funny how that works.

Jesse also planted our new little tree, an Anacacho Orchid. It's already budding out, so I hope it does well in its new home.

The week is already filling up, and it's only just begun. Play dates, attempts to see Heather and Jon, day trips and overnight camping trips await us. Plus that aforementioned list of shit to do (LoSTD). Oh yeah, plus work-work.

We'll see what happens.

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