Tuesday, March 07, 2006

May I clear your plate?

Lately, I've been thinking about my days waiting tables. It started when I asked a clerk to "marry" two frequent purchase cards at my local nursery. "I know you've waited tables," she said. Then, I read a post (I'd link if I could remember who wrote it...) detailing the author's obsessive behavior, characterized by prizing efficiency over all else. For example, upon entering her house, she would place the items of her day by the door, and not put them away until she was headed in that direction, in order to save a trip.

I'm not doing her story justice - I'll have to keep looking for the post - but when I read it, I thought - well, duh - she was probably a waitress. I do the same thing. When I leave my bedroom, I look for things that need to be carried back to other parts of the house. When I'm picking up, I consolidate all bathroom items (brushes, barrettes, pony-tail holders) before I put them away. Full hands in, full hands out, is my mantra.

This weekend, my new sister-in-law and I held a baby shower for my sister. Afterwards, she cleaned and bussed and cleaned some more. "I can't help it," she said - "I'm a waitress."

Is it OCD, or restaurant-related? Is it a girl thing? Who knows - I just know it makes more sense!

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