Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Originally posted at bothhands.typepad.com on September 27, 2004

This photo was taken just minutes before the incident I describe below occurred.

"Before the Fall"

Yesterday, our beloved neighbors entrusted us with their only son, Elijah. We had offered to take him to the park with us so his mom could do the grocery shopping while his other mom was at work.

Elijah is 5 months older than our daughter, Hannah, and they are as close as siblings. He is very competitive with her. Hannah, we noticed, is running much faster than she used to. Elijah noticed this too, and that is why he was going so fast when he fell. He had been trying to pass her, and their gangly four year-old legs got all tripped up and down he went. Into a park bench. Head first.

My husband very calmly staunched the flow of blood from the inch-long gash on Elijah's forehead with his shirt, and we called his mom. Luckily, the grocery store is near the park bench, so we were able to deliver him to her within minutes.

Instead of making her day easier a la solitary shopping, we complicated it by disrupting her shopping trip and sending her instead to the emergency room. Sorry!

Hannah was mostly unperturbed by the incident. Two year-old Hazel, however, was very affected by it. Elijah fell down, she said (over and over again, all day yesterday, this morning on the way to school, and this evening on the way home.) He got a hole in his head. There was blood.

She had bad dreams last night and has been restless tonight. At least there's no lack of empathy!

I've taken CPR, but I don't know how I would react in a serious incident. Have you, do you?

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blackbird said...

with blood?
not great...
but I do tend to rise to the occasion and get it together in an emergency.