Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The week, she is over

I did get some things accomplished last week, if not everything on the list.

1) Have fun with the family - check

We went to Johnson City for a day with good friends, and then to a ranch near Wimberly with another group of good friends and good neighbors.

2) Relax - check. I do recall a few minutes spent on the couch...

3) Get an insane amount of shit done
3a) paint at least the hallway, preferably all currently white walls - CHECK - hurray!
3b) plant many seeds - not done, but it started to get cold again.
3c) plant the tree - check, thank you, Jesse!
3d) transplant container plants into beds no...
3e) make more beds Check - mostly
3f) kill ligustrum (J) NO
3g) roof the trashy-looking sheds (J) NO

Hannah learned to ride her bike without training wheels - quite an accomplishment, of which she is justifiably proud.

We did plant some more herbs and vegetables, and I have 4 yards of mulch waiting to be spread now. Jesse hung a ceiling fan in Hannah's room, which gets poor air supply from the vent.

It was a relaxing but productive vacation. Now, back to reality!

Which reminds me - we did, also, meet Cinderella. And she transformed us.

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