Monday, April 10, 2006


My mom is in town this week, to visit the aforementioned Mosey.

However, she is staying with me, as my house has a bed for her, and no babies who may or may not scream a little during the night. Yes, all the screamers here are definitely no longer babies.

Not to name names, or anything...

Coincidentally, Jesse is out of town this week, which is only a taste of what's to come this summer when he leaves for much longer. One night down, two to go.

The big news in my house is that Central Market Westgate opened the doors of the cafe again today after a four-month remodel. I met some friends for breakfast there today, and was pleased by the results. New menu, new seating decor and arrangements, sunny and spacious...I love it. Plus, they added the ice cream/gelato counter that WFM has made de riguer now in Austin grocery stores. We'll go there tomorrow night for kids-eat-free, yippee!

No news on the hollyhock front, although I am looking at a sweet little vase of sweet pea flowers. And yes, Mama Malcontent, they smell heavenly.


OK, that reminded me - here in our house, there is not so much of the god talk. But Hannah is entering that "cosmic education" phase of her childhood where she has begun to take notice of and ask questions about Big Things. "Who made the crystals and those rocks with crystals inside them," she asked me the other night. "What do you think," I parried.

"God," she said.


"Who's God" I asked.

"He's the person who made trees and stuff. Daddy knows about him."

We left it at that.

Do you have God in your house?


Lisa said...

Mary told a funny story about that one time. She said after she realized that Hank & Molly were starting to see Jesus everywhere from going to Catholic church with Grandma, she had tried to tone down all the religious stuff because, obviously, she & Kelly aren't that godly. She was trying to get kind of secular humanist with them right up until Hank started asking alot of questions about death, and what would happen if he died. He started to get really agitated and scared with Mary's vague, clinical/naturalist answers and when she saw how upset he was becoming, she totally caved and said "Don't worry, honey! You would go to Heaven where everything would be wonderful and full of Love!" hahaha!

Lisa said...

okay, Here's the thumbnail.Did it work?

Lisa said...

No. What the frick? Sin, how do you get the cute little drawing to signify yourself in your profile & comments?

Daisy said...

I'll have to think about it when I'm home and can recreate my steps.

Daisy said...

Mine didn't show either...maybe it's broken this am.

Lisa said...

Okay, I got it work I think...

Lisa said...

apparently not.

DragonFly24 said...

You have to turn the icons on in your settings to show up in your comments area :). It's a blog specific thingy.

Do I have God in my house...


God has his own house. And I'm glad. Cuz God has lots of little projects that tend to get really messy and he isn't very good at cleaning up after himself. When he does screw his little creations up, he tends to do the computer geek thing and call it a "feature". Or, he sends out a patch or a plug-in. Never really clearing up the problem, just slapping spackle around liberally... But that's just my opinion, of course, and All Standard Disclaimers Apply. LOL

No, we don't have God, but we do have a wide assortment of Gods and Goddesses, fairies, sprites, cats and specifically, Santa Claus, The Long Legged Mouse, Winkleman and Wimberley, and Idunno in our house. We have faith that reincarnation is a pretty good possibility due to the amazing amount of positive reinforcements like how the earth tends to recycle everything and how I seem to know everything my mother's mother's mother knew. Plus the fact that we've been out of body regularly, we're all pretty sensitive to auras and there are those moments when you look at a total stranger and go "Hey, I *know* you."

In short, we're Pagan. ;)

(The longer version is: "We're Neo-Zen-Taoist-Humanist Pagans who love to go on and on about Ken Wilbur's Spiral Dynamics.")

Anonymous said...

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