Monday, April 17, 2006

On Spring: haircuts to poop

First off, the haircut. Because I am pretty enamored of it, as anyone who knows me will agree.

On Friday, I stayed home with Jesse, my mom and the girls, and we prepared our Seder meal. I cooked, while Jesse hang out with Hannah and Hazel, since he'd been gone all week. At one point, he came to me and said, I'm sorry, then, She was only alone for a minute.



Hazel decided she wanted bangs, so she cut her hair. All by herself, with no mirror or help. I think she did a great job!


We celebrated Spring all weekend. First our Seder, which was lovely and full of family and friends and food, all the essentials. We did miss Bou, Brian and Mosey, however.

Saturday we gathered to celebrate Lyra's birthday, and hunt eggs, both of which were a huge success. Lisa had a fabulous spread (although I do take credit for the celery) and more eggs than anyone could count.

Home to rest, then another party on Sunday morning, which was also well-planned and included an egg hunt, pony rides, and a delicious brunch.

Sunday afternoon we gathered down the street for our neighborhood egg hunt. It spanned three lawns and an open field, and every child (and their parents) on the street attended, even the teenagers.

Which brings us to tonight. When I started this post, George barked at me and I ignored her (insert ominous foreshadowing). If you know George, you know she embodies some of the traits of Cole Porter and Oscar the Grouch. Meaning, she likes to roam and eat trash. This is a bad combination, especially if you have carpet on your floors.

I saved my draft and went to help Hannah in the bath. A fetid odor drifted into the bathroom, and Hannah denied culpability. Yes, George + roaming + well-hidden-eggs = POOP. In my living room.

Thankfully, a pair of gloves, several buckets of water and many floor cloths later, there are no stains, and the odor has dissipated. But yuck.

Which do you think is worse: children who cut their own (or someone else's) hair, or poop? Got any good stories?


Angela said...

I want to say that poop is worse in this case because Hazel's haircut ended up so nice. Really poop would be worse no matter what.

Jennifer said...

Colin cut his hair once and it looked fine. Poop is way worse -- new story over on my blog.

Lisa said...

Poop is always worse, and it kindof sounds like you're asking about children who eat poop, or cut poop, or something. I guess cutting poop would be better... Now, if you throw vomit into the mix, that changes everything. But seriously, Hazel's hair looks great.

Super T said...

I'm going to ask my hair stylist for the Hazel haircut next time. So cute!

krispy said...

there was celery?

and well. what about boogers in hair? does that count on the yuck scale? I'm secretly glad they are not being consumed, but one does encounter them in a dried up knotty state.

poop is worse. hair grows back. I remember Bruno as he was getting on. I just look at one of our carpets (cleaned now several times and steeped in storage) and the rememberance of that smell comes wafting back.