Tuesday, April 11, 2006


On Friday, I picked up the girls early, and we ran some errands before heading to the airport to pick up my mom. Then we drove to my sister's, and finally, after several hours of visiting, back towards home.

We'd purchased pretzels as a snack, which the girls ate on the entire car ride in the afternoon, and then picked up again in the evening as we headed home from my sister's. I looked back at Hazel, three years old, stuffing ten or so pretzels in her mouth, and said, "You're going to turn into a pretzel, Hazel!"

She immediately retorted, "Well, you're going to turn into a steering wheel."



Mrs.T said...

OMG, that was hilarious! I love it when they really go for the retort.. LOL

owlhaven said...

Too funny! Sounds like my 3 year old!

Mary, mom to many

krispy said...

this is just classic. You told it to me in person, but I loved re-reading it. just as funny.