Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5th + Lamar

I really love the new Whole Foods. Yes, some of you find it too crowded, too touristy, and too crazy for a successful shopping trip, but not me. I don't mind elbowing past the hipsters to make my way to the bulk cake section. Yes, that's right - they sell bulk cake - what's not to love?

Today I headed to Book People to take advantage of the fabulous gift card Jesse had given me and to get Laurie King's new book, hot off the presses. I also got this, an autographed edition - I can't wait to read them both. I grabbed lunch at WFM and then walked over to get my books. As I was leaving, what I've come to identify as a uniquely WFM-parking lot phenomenon occured: a driver waited patiently for me to walk to my car, load it up, and leave, just to get my spot.

OK, that doesn't sound weird, but really, it is. Last time I was there, I had several bags of groceries and a drink and a handful of magazines and cards. Someone waited to me to load in the groceries, some in the back and some in the side, place my magazine and cards in the front seat, as well as my drink, walk the cart back to the store, and drive away. PEOPLE. There are 1000+ parking spots - you don't need MINE that badly. Another time, in the garage, someone waited while I loaded up and both girls climbed torpidly into their seats and sluggishly buckled themselves. By waiting, this car blocked incoming traffic from the entrance ramp on 5th street for a good 5 minutes.

That's my rant. I'm not quite as annoyed as Frances McDormand's character in this movie would be, but still.


Parting Shots.

We went camping this weekend on the Pedernales River. It was perfect - hot swimming weather by day, cool breeze by night. We even had a thunderstorm, for the girls' inaugural camping-in-a-tent night. Also, S'Mores.

I love this picture of Hazel.

Fun in the water - the girls took a 2+ hour nap after we got home - double the fun!


Angela said...

Very linky entry. I want to borrow the Omnivore book when you are done? Pretty please? I read about it in Salon a few weeks ago.

Lisa said...

That camping trip sounds fun, if you like camping. Yeah, I heard that Michael Pollan guy on Fresh Air. Sounds interesting but I'm kinda scared to read it. Hey Angela, maybe you should start a blog to review his book!

Daisy said...

OK, but only in exchange for Freakonomics, Jesse want to read it. :)

angela said...

Come on... At least I gave the chain saw and plate back!

Karla May said...

I work at WFM, and i cannot TELL you how retarded our customers can be in that damn parking garage. I see it in spades every single day. I mean seriously: park your damn car and walk the extra 50 feet. It's not going to kill you. I promise.