Thursday, May 11, 2006

For Show and Tell Thursday

Here's the T-shirt I'd like to make.*

It's my birthday, and all I got were these faces:

Hazel was a bit demonic tonight...Hannah was just playing along.

*sorry, Blackbird, I just didn't get to photograph a T today.


The truly great gift I got, however, was seeing Hannah participate in her piano recital. Last year, she just felt unable to get on stage and play. This year, she walked right up, and sat on the piano bench. She stopped there, and her teacher came over and sat next to her and whispered encouraging words to her.

Hannah is an intensely private individual, so I know how hard it was for her, but she played all four songs. Afterwards, she said to me, "That was the first time I played in a recital!" Her pride in herself and her accomplishment was beautiful.

Then we went to Amy's for ice cream with some friends, and the kids loaded up on sugar. Now my next-best present is Jesse helping two amped children go to sleep - thanks, sweetie!


blackbird said...

Too funny that they look so, um, evil and that he looks ready to deal with it...

happy day to you.

Mama Malcontent said...

Happy birthday!

The photos are priceless.