Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mad Dashing

What a relief to be home.

All hell broke loose, work-wise, on Friday, and didn't really let up until Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning the girls and I took George to her sleep-over (the kennel), and then I dropped them off at the neighbors' to play while I finished packing. They'd had showers and washed their hair that morning, so they were all ready for their ballet recital pictures.

Until I came to pick them up, however, 25 minutes before ballet class, to find them topless and muddy from head to toe - literally. Hazel had copious amounts of dirt and mud in her hair.

Andy threw them in the sink and hosed them down, and I towelled them and dressed them in the clean clothes I had just packed. Off we rushed, and still got there in time to change into the new recital outfits and line up for pictures.

(All the while, I was on a conference call on my bluetooth. I LOVE my bluetooth.)

I helped the teacher get the 10 or so girls dressed, which was fun. Make no assumptions that older girls can dress themselves better than younger girls - often, the opposite was true.

Each girl posed individually, and then they did a group shot.

I was especially proud of Hannah, who really doesn't like the limelight of a photo op. I hope this bodes well for the recital itself.

After the shoot, we headed to P. Terry's for a burger and fries. If you live in Austin, and you haven't yet eaten at P. Terry's, do. We saw some friends from school there, but were unable to join them because a) I was on a conference call drafting internal communications and b) we were heading to Houston.

Luckily the girls fell asleep after they inhaled their fries and shake and token burger bites, so I had it good for an hour or so, during which time the work-crisis was finally shelved.

When they woke up, we listened to the soundtrack from The Wizard of Oz, and I fielded questions. I haven't seen the movie for years, and was never that into it, so "I don't know" was the best I could do in most cases. What were they scared of in the woods before they started dancing the jitterbug? Those monkeys? No clue. Yet, the questions continued.

Finally, we arrived at Grandma's house and were reunited with Daddy. Bruce and the cousins arrived shortly, and the kids had a blast. We ate delicious Greek food and had cousin baths and slept soundly.

We didn't leave to come home until after 4:00 this afternoon, and stopped in Columbus to pick up our neighbor's son. Off to dinner, then Jesse took the kids home and I stayed to do the weekly shop.

The kids are in bed (as is Jesse), the groceries are put away, the frig is cleaned out, the laundry is going and the dishwasher is set to do so soon...I'm ready for bed.

What did you do this weekend?


Angela said...

I'm JEALOUS. I want to go to Niko Niko's. Otherwise survived all the storming this weekend (including the nasty work storm on Friday). Garage flooded 3 times. Ordered new thingamajiggy to keep garage from flooding in the future. Watched Tornado chasers on Discovery channel. Realized storms could've been worse.

Daisy said...

Oh man - did you have any idea it flooded? What did you buy?

Angela said...

yep. it KEEPS flooding. bought this - http://www.jnkproducts.com/parksmartdoorseal.htm

we will see if it works. let you know in a couple of weeks.

Daisy said...

If you still have water coming, it's from St. Andrews. They empty their tank or something - our streets are pouring with it.

Angela said...

I think St. Andrews is innocent in my situation. It only happens when we have those intense sheets of rain...never when it just kind of rains all day. It has to be the great storms...of which we seem to have everyday recently.

La Turista said...

OK, parallel lives here. Do your girls take dance at Alisa's? Peach was there for two years and your pics of the recital pics look awfully familiar. And we've been wanting to try P.Terry's - do they have veggie burgers?

BTW - Parkside interview tomorrow!!! Post to follow!

Lisa said...

The girls look SO adorable in these pix! And yes, Hannah did a great job posing for them.