Sunday, May 21, 2006

My House

When it isn't scorpions and snakes...it's one of these guys:

Actually, Jesse says it's a female.

Hannah was playing the piano, and Hazel ran down the hall to change into a swimsuit. Hannah watched her go, then said, "Look, mommy, a tarantula!"

They were both very excited, and we got out our spider book (one of the first gifts Jesse ever gave me!) and looked it up. We did let Jesse catch it, though.

Here it is again, in situ, under our bathroom cabinets. Excuse the dog hair.

In other news - another haircut!

More on that later - Happy Sunday!


Jennifer said...

Wow you have cool creepy wildlife at your place, too. I'm glad you didn't squash her just for being an arachnid.

Is Hazel going for your 'do?

Super T said...

Just catching up... the new layout is really spiffy! Well wishes to you and family and the animals!

Lisa said...

Just when I thought Hazel's hair couldn't get any cuter, then it did! Although I do think eventually she'll end up looking like you did back when we we used to hang out at "the gay tree".

La Turista said...

I never could have gotten close enough to get a picture. No way.

rpm said...

Is that really in the United States?? I mean we have big cockroaches here but dang, if I saw one of those, I might really lose my voice from screaming.