Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now, with more poop! Also bugs and snakes.

On the way home from Houston this weekend, Hannah fell asleep while holding a cup of warm, vanilla milk, and it spilled all over the car's carpet. She cried, and I felt like crying too.

I forgot about it Monday morning, loaded my bag of dry cleaning right on the wet spot, and drove to San Antonio. When I got back in the car to come home, it reeked. It took me awhile to realize it was rotting milk. Ew.

The next day, I took off to the car wash, and had them shampoo the mats and the carpet underneath. Then I ran to the dry cleaners to make my exchange. The bag was a bit stinky, but it had been sitting on the warm, wet milk spot for a day, so I didn't worry. However,, when I pulled the dirty clothes out of the bag, petrified cat poop fell to the floor. Not charmingly collected acorns, or coins, or sticks - all of which I could account for vis-a-vis the children. No, it was poop.

Which finally explained the nastiness of the smell.

My car is now sans poop, and clean. Hi, I drove cat poop to San Antonio and back!


This morning, after the girls and I got out of our crowded shower, I saw a fuzzy something scurry across the floor. A walking stick?

No -

I will confess that I screamed for Jesse, after I shooed the girls out, and he came and squashed it flat. Ew again.

We had a lot of Texas Blind Snakes in the house last year, but this was the first time a scorpion paid us a visit.

The snakes are cute and tiny, so I don't mind them. Plus, they don't sting, and how can you dislike a creature with vestigial eyes?


La Turista said...

When I was six, I threw up in the backseat of our neighbor's car on the way to ballet class. They never got the smell out and had to sell the car. No joke.

In fifth grade, I stepped on a scorpion during a beauty pageant at a slumber party. I thought scorps were poisonous, as in death, so I freaked, as did the rest of the contestants and the judges. The worst part was the parents had gone to get us pizza, so my friend's high school age brother came running out of the bathroom in a towel to see what had happened, and more screaming ensued. After we all calmed down, I was declared the winner of the pageant by default. Whew.

P-Side paperwork on Friday. Stay tuned!

Lisa said...

Can I be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAMMIT! Yes, I'm an hour and a half early but I want to get it in here before I forget and you decide to replace me in your blogroll & in your heart. I hope the goddesses of poop, noxious odors and stinging creepy crawlies have mercy on you, if only for a day. Do something fun!

Lisa said...

I forgot to blame the patriarchy for making you feel like you needed a man to rescue you from the scorpion. Then again, division of labor is necessary in a household. Monkeyman does most of the killing in our house, too.

angela said...

Yep the scorpions suck but the snakes are creepy too. We have been getting both species. I have to be the squasher though... Very butch of me, dontcha think? Happy birthday!!!

Lisa said...

Angela, I always pictured you as the one running away from the creepy things. I'm impressed! btw, Sin, I love the picture of the blind snake. I envy you those, although I think bono would kill them all if we had them.

Jennifer said...

Your snakes are way cuter than my snakes. Can we trade?

Daisy said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Yes, I was thinking about the patriarchy this morning as well...maybe fodder for a future post.

Angela, your butchness is astounding.

Jennifer, we have your kind too, as well as patchnose, but never have we captured them in such an amazing act!