Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random Musings

Do you ever feel like some outfits look good in the mirror, but when you look down at them while wearing them, they look...not good? I wore one of those outfits today.

My MIL gave me a gift certificate to Ann Taylor last May for my birthday/Mother's day. It was an online GC, in my work e-mail, and was deleted during a systematic purge before I could use it. Recently, I e-mailed Ann Taylor with the details and they promptly reissued the gift certificate and sent me a lovely e-mail to boot.

I called them up a week or so later to make good use of their generosity (and Lynne's!) and ordered this shirt:

and also this one:

I wore the first one today, over a cami, and it was just a little...off. The brown is not as rich as I had hoped, and truly, it felt like a shirt for an older woman. One who lunches. In pearls. Plus I don't think it was the best match for the pants I wore.

I did get a compliment on it, which helped, but I'm still wary of it.

All of which is to say, hmm, looking down at this outfit, not so sure.

(I should add the Ann Taylor followed up with a lovely e-mail to ask how I liked the shirts...I can't praise their service enough)


On a brighter note, I was able to observe H&H in the classroom today. In our school, parents only get to be in the classroom at the same time as the children twice a year during observations. The idea is to create an environment that is routine and predictable for the children, a kind of safe harbor where they know exactly what to expect.

When you observe, you sit in one of two chairs for 20 minutes in the morning. You may say hello to your child, but much interaction is discouraged. Your "work" as an observer is simply to observe, maybe to take notes, the classroom in action.

When I arrived, I saw neither of my children (the class is for children ages 3-6, so for now, they are together). Hannah came out of a corner with a supply of lined paper, a pencil, and an eraser, and sat at a table to practice her letters. She saw me and gave a wave and a shy smile.

Hazel, it turns out, was outside hammering. Once she spotted me, she put away the hammer work, and came in to choose inside work. She chose table washing, a favorite of that age group.

To wash tables, you first put on an apron, and gather the materials. You need a waterproof mat, a pail, a small tub, a pitcher, a brush, a sponge, and a bar of soap. Then you fill the pitcher, and take the water to the tub and pour it in. You wipe the table with the wet sponge, then apply soap to the brush and clean it. You can use the sponge again to wipe off the sopy water, then wring it into the pail.

Typically, table washing can take many tens of minutes to over an hour. The children love it.

Meanwhile. M. wandered by, and told her friend, "Let's play. Let's play I'm a sweet girl."

C. came up to Hazel, and asked her, "Do you know how many days it is until we go camping? Two. One day and then one day and then we go!" Poor C., we've had to reschdule for another weekend, he'll be terribly disappointed. He's really wanted to show off his S'More machine.

Little S. walks by, holding the guide's hand and saying, "I'm sick." She is exactly one year younger than Hazel, and has a luscious belly which her shirt cannot entirely cover. She keeps tugging it down...cute!

One boy starts to demonstrate how he can hop on one foot for several feet, so Hannah puts down her work and does the same, then returns to her letters. C., another buddha of a girl, puts away the brown staircase, one piece at a time.

My time is up.

I love observing - the classroom hums with activity. Each child is engrossed with his or her work, and the guide steps from area to area, looking at each activity with purpose, assisting when necessary, but mostly observing herself. It fills me with peace.


La Turista said...

Table washing! So which Montessori school are your girls in? :)

Daisy said...

Bingo! They attend Austin Montessori. Are your kids in Montessori too?

La Turista said...

Not yet - but we have an interview for Peach at Parkside next week. Fingers crossed! I've been trying to get her in there for 4 YEARS! In fact, I'm working on a post about the whole searching for a school experience - stay tuned!

La Turista said...

Not yet - but we have an interview for Peach at Parkside next week. Fingers crossed! I've been trying to get her in there for 4 YEARS! In fact, I'm working on a post about the whole searching for a school experience - stay tuned!

Daisy said...

Good luck - I'll cross my fingers for you. They seem to have just as long a wait as AMS these days.

Krispy said...

About the outfits - well, that's me everyday it seems. And is why I have a bin of "maybe" clothes that I want (need!) you to look at with me. You are not the sentimental clothing keeper that I am. I adored the link you sent of the chick who took pictures of all her beloved clothes before heading to goodwill.

I was a little sad not to get to observe this spring. but I love the day to day updates from N. And S went over the entire hammering procedure with me - which is OF COURSE N's favorite work. no talk about the table washing here, although his guide notes that he is always doing dishes...

Daisy said...

You always look lovely and are a fashion inspiration to me...I'm flattered at the invitation to clean out your closet, bring it on!