Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Time

I haven't told you about my calendar yet. I created a calendar for this summer, to keep track of which babysitter has which children where, or who is in camp, or which parent will be home. Our neighbors and I are grouping together their youngest daughters with mine, so it gets quite complex. There are up to eight children on it for any given day.

This week we have a new babysitter, one from the service I use occasionally, when the Incredbile Aimee is not available. The new one is pretty overwhelmed by our four girls, and it's too bad that she's only here for four days, really, because it doesn't give her anytime to settle into it. She still won't have figured them out by the time she's gone. Ultimately, I'm glad the week is almost over.

The girls are going to camp later in the summer, a local day camp at which they are asked to arrive in swimsuits. It's very organized and professionally run, and I think they will love it.

But before that, we all go to D.C to visit my eighty-some-odd grandparents. We haven't been there since Hannah was an infant, although I used to go quite regularly. We know we want to visit the new American Indian Museum, and perhaps the zoo or maybe the aquarium. We don't want to do too much, the kids wouldn't be able to deal with it all, but my grandmother does really want it to be memorable. Any suggestions?

Gratuitous picture of Hazel from the camping trip:


Lisa said...

That picture is great: hazel with beer. Also, do you really have eighty-odd grandparents? That's alot.

Daisy said...


Krispy said...

yes. the comment is taken. "hazel with beer." are we corrupting her early?