Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Thank god it's the last week of school. I think it's the crescendo of the approaching weeks that leads to the inevitable - short tempers, sickness, more sickness...

Hannah had a brief but nasty stomach virus Saturday night, and Hazel and I came down with it simultaneously yesterday. I was packing my bags to go home when the school called. What a wretched night. Today we rested, and went to Suzi's for some curative won ton soup.

Here's Hazel's new do:

She cut it herself again, and got half way around one side before we saw her. I called the salon where I take the girls, and said, "Hazel's gone and given herself a mullet, and we have a recital today - please can she come in?"

It's very cute, and she's received lots of compliments. One of the dads at school said he was trying to talk his daughter into the same cut.

So - yes, the tarantula was big and hairy and real, and yes, I live in the US. I hear that they are bigger in Arkansas and Oklahoma - I remember seeing one on the road in the Ozarks when I was a child, and it was huge. No more yet, and believe me, I've been looking. I'm always barefoot, too, which now seems like it's maybe not the best idea.

I haven't yet stepped on a scorpion or a spider or a snake, knock on wood. **Knocks again, just to be sure.**

Two more days, two more days. Are you ready for school to be out?


DragonFly24 said...

Man, you're house is busy busy! Won ton soup and a new do.

YES!!! Very ready for school to be out. I'm all damn done. I'm tired of packing lunches, getting people out of bed, ten-hutting people out of the house... Lawsy! Enough already!

It'll be interesting enough to try to get to the school earlier so Mara can make it to the bus for upper el at AMS. But I don't have to worry about that for three glorious months. Bliss.

La Turista said...

We mamas must all meet up for drinks when everybody's finished!

Lisa said...

Junebug's school finished up yesterday and I'm bummed. Because of the way the school works, I spent alot of time there, and I am really gonna miss the school & all the parents & kids.The only thing enabling me to keep it together was knowing that sugarbear will be in Emily's class in the Fall.

Daisy said...

DRINKS! What a good idea.

Wow, Mara's going to ride the bus - I bet she's excited!!

rpm said...

Wow on the spiders...my sister-in-law told me of the ones in Cuba and I was thinking they weren't living in the U.S. I knew the black widows were here but still they aren't that big.

I don't have any children so I don't get to join in all the work there is with getting them up and out the door and getting the homework done and projects done on time...sounds like you all need a break!

amamgets said...

So, my Littlest cut her curly locks the VERY DAY I figured out what I wanted to do for her four-year-old portrait (her, cute bum and all, with aforementioned locks hanging down). Sigh.

Seriously cute haircut on your baby!

amamgets said...

Also-- Lizbeth Zwerger is my VERY FAVORITE illustrator-- doesn't she rock? The green spectacles in the back of the book-- what a creative idea. She hadn't seen the movie when given the book to illustrate.

Check out her 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Suse said...

You'll have to learn to do the tarantella, to get rid of the tarantulas! (Showing off a bit of trivia I learned last week ...)

Antonia said...

"Hazel's gone and given herself a mullet, and we have a recital today..." that's just made me absolutely fall about laughing. I can't wait to be a mother.

The new short cut is GORGEOUS. I really, really like it. Your daughters are beautiful.