Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Best. Husband. Ever.

I don't blog much about Jesse. He's his own person, and I like to respect his privacy. But tonight, I'll talk about him for a couple of reasons. Most of all, because the clock has begun to tick and he'll soon be gone for weeks at a time. Also, because it was father's day AND his birthday, and Jennifer's post shamed me.

Like right now - he's helping the girls go to sleep. Which he's done virtually every night since, oh, April. We used to have this really great system where we took turns - one night it was my turn, the next his. We enacted it after Hazel stopped nursing, and it was great in that it gave each of us a full night off, and the girls knew they had to stick with the one whose turn it was - no going back and forth or crying for the other parent.

For months, though, he's taken most nights, and I've only helped when one was to whiny to be with the other, or really wanted me, or he really needed a break.

He's far more patient than I am - he'll read chapter after chapter, picture book after picture book, and then tell them stories about his childhood after the lights go off. Me, I read one chapter or one picture book, and then scratch their backs silently and relentlessly until they succumb to sleep. It's so hard for me to live in the moment - I'm always ready for the next thing.

He's the cook in our house too. I love to cook, true, but I hate the drudgery of having to cook. I like cooking for fun, for entertaining. Jesse puts the meals on our table every night, without complaint, and with panache. A former professional cook, he can time a complete meal with precision and it's always good. It's important to both of us that we eat a real meal, all together, every night, but Jesse's the one who really makes it possible.

Summertime is pretty wonderful for our kids, because he is off when they are. Each summer has been better than the last, of course, as they've grown. So he's pretty disappointed to only have a few weeks with them before he has to go out of town for an intensive training course. However, they've been swimming most days, or done arts and crafts, gone to the Children's Museum, or like today, visited the Capitol, an annual ritual.

He's the one who's patient when I'm short-tempered, and vice-versa - we take terms being cranky, for the most part. He makes me really great coffee in the mornings, and perfect pancake breakfasts on Saturdays. He rubs my feet whenever I ask. We share the household and family work evenly according to our temperaments - I do the laundry, he mows the lawn - we both care for the kids - and we don't have to argue about it. Our marriage is a true partnership, and don't I know how lucky I am.

I love you, Jesse - I miss you already.


Jennifer said...

HOORAY for great dads and husbands!

Glad to have inspired such a nice post.

La Turista said...

I think we need a cage match between T-Bone and Jesse for the title of Super Hub because that sounds just like what we've got going on over here. Parallel lives!

Lisa said...

Dammit, I'm crying over here. Jesse is awesome and you are incredibly lucky. And what a sweet and lovely photo that is. I can't stop looking at it.

Karibou Ryan said...

aw, sinda, i'm cryin'...actual tears. that's just so damn sweet.

Karibou Ryan said...

that's just so damn sweet! i'm cryin'...

Krispy said...

even those NOT married to Jesse are going to miss him while he's gone. I know how much he looks forward to summer with the girls.