Thursday, June 15, 2006

cliche exposed: out of the mouths of babes

While I was busy typing my post a moment ago, Hannah was telling Jesse a list of things she would make sure her child knew to do / not to do, in the far-flung future where she is a parent:

- go to bed at 6:00 every night

- brush your teeth every night

-don't touch fire

-don't sit in the front seat

-don't get in a big hole, if you see one

-if there's a fox, leave it alone

-don't move if there's a bee

-don't pick flowers; only smell them
(Hazel - unless they're your mom's)

-don't touch birds

-don't get a fish from a public pond

-only look at the fish with your eyes

-don't touch the water if it is dirty

-don't hurt each other (for siblings)

-if you feel you need to (hurt one another), go hit something else

-don't spit at other people

-don't break toys
(Hazel - unless they're old)

-don't draw on the wall
(Hazel - or paint)

Hazel, not to be outdone, dictated her own list to me:

-don't chew your hair

-don't break your mom's or dad's glasses
(Hannah - don't step near glass if it is broken)

-don't steal money

-don't pull your clothes or else they will rip and be too big for you

-don't let grown ups get on the top bunk

-feed your baby lots of times with the right amount of food with milk and sometimes from a bottle if it is old enough
(Hannah - it's ok to throw up)

-make a calendar

-don't push your window 'cuz then it will break unless it's plastic
(Hannah - or safety glass)

-be kind. if you can't, walk away.

-don't touch spiders if you don't know if they're poisonous or not

There you have it.


Jennifer said...

That is hilarious! I guess they have been listening, some, through their own filter. I think I'll ask my little people for a list...

La Turista said...

Rules to live by, for sure. Too cute.

Agent X said...

I like the 6pm at bed everynight. Think Hannah would be willing to follow that rule for herself?

Anonymous said...

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