Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 1 - Native American Museum - now with pictures!

It's been just like my childhood here, staying up late to read summer novels. I've finished two, and had fun just now changing out my template - too much Purple Haze.

A big thanks to Miss Zoot and her fabulous template - lovely, eh?

So - we arrived on Tuesday, and sat out on the patio in the delightful weather (it's in the 70's folks - during the day!) and enjoyed snacks and wine and watched the children unwind. For dinner, chicken and dumplings, fresh peas with mint, and a big green salad. Hannah turned her nose up at everything but the salad, her trusty stand-by, and Hazel tried a bit of everything. Off to bed, we were tired...

The next morning, we were all served breakfast and juice and Jesse was waited on hand and foot because he is, after all, A MAN. "Would you like the newspaper, Jesse? More coffee, Jesse? Sit here, this seat is more comfortable, Jesse."

Boy, does Gene have a good thing.

We took off for the American Indian museum, which was the one place in which the girls had shown the most interest. It's really an incredible space, although not quite as geared towards young visitors as I had hoped.

They did have a few story-telling areas, where you could sit on a bench and watch different creation tales on a screen - much like those scholastic videos where classic children's books are set to video. Also, the interactive computer displays were awesome - several were placed in front of each set of items displayed behind glass, like beaded objects or Indian dolls. You used the touch screen to choose which item you wanted to see, and could drag a magnifying glass over it with your finger to see it close up - great design.

We had to cut our visit short, however, as patience was wearing thin. We did get to eat in their cafeteria, the Mitsitam Café, which serves food from different native cultures in the Americas. I had food from South America, which was pretty familiar, I'll admit, but it was really good.

Then, home on the Metro - joy for the children - and two naps, a rarity.

Isn't my grandmother cute?


La Turista said...

Love the new template! Looking forward to pictures, too. We took a legendary trip to DC one summer - 9 of us in 1 Suburban - and we all lived to tell about it and remember it fondly.

Super T said...

The template is is really cool. Sounds like fun is being had by all. I'm glad you're enjoying these moments--they are the best memories EVER!

Angela said...

i love the new template!