Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 2 - the National Zoo

After a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, fried eggplant - YUM - and another salad, we all retired early - about 7:30 EST. Well, sort of - I did stay up late reading again. Trashy novels rule.

On Wednesday, we set off early for the National Zoo. My grandparent's sensible practice is to arrive at opening time, which we did, so we avoided most of the crowds for a while.

First, however, we went to the local Farmer's Market for some beautiful produce.

My grandmother also sensibly advised protective sun gear.

The big draw here is Tai Shan, the young Giant Panda. We headed up the hill towards the panda exhibit, but soon stopped to watch this youngster:

A baby robin, who was fed a worm by his parent while we watched - real live nature at the zoo!

The next big draw was the Prairie Dog exhibit - Hannah could watch them for hours.

Finally, we were able to continue our trek towards Tai Shan. We stopped to snack several times, and lost the grandparents to a shady bench near the exhibit, but finally our persisitence was rewarded with a sighting through the branches.

My favorite stop was our last, the small mammal house.

Mole rats!



Jennifer said...

The girls look beautiful in their hats.

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