Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 3 - the National Aquarium in Baltimore AND SNT Thursday - Hats

My grandfather, Gene, drives a new Cadillac, and they insisted on squeezing all of us into it. Two children in car seats and four fully grown adults. For our trip to Baltimore, however, my grandmother elected to stay home.

While only 60 miles away, it is a 90+ minute drive with Gene, a careful driver. On the way up, the girls were happy and excited. We arrived soon after opening (remember the sensible plan?) and had a great time. We could have watched the rays forever.

It's hard to take pictures indoors, of creatures in water and behind glass, but this one is great.

We ate an actually tasty tourist lunch, and drove home through rain and bad traffic. The kids stayed awake for the entire drive - despite falling asleep in the car both previous days after only a few minutes - and bickered horribly the whole way. Gene earned his gin and tonic that day!

Dinner? Lasagna and salad and fresh bread - the girls wouldn't eat it, so more for us.


We're just now home from Guero's; I enjoyed two margaritas and the girls managed to bust open their new toy, a clear plastic ball with plastic bugs inside. Right now they're playing with the cockroaches, flies and maggots it once contained.

Hannah - do you know why I bought it?

Me - no, why?

Hannah - so I could get the bugs out.

Mission accomplished.


Blackbird, Vickee and Middle
- I give you a hat - my grandfather, carrying my grandmother's hat for her in Alexandria:


blackbird said...

This is, by FAR, the BEST hat that has been shown and told!

Daisy said...


Thank you! Later in the day, a couple walked by and asked my grandmother, "Doesn't that hat belong to this gentleman?"

She explained, laughing, and as they walked away the other woman said, "I told you he was a husband"

Lisa said...

I adore the new template. And the photo of hazel is gorgeous! Now, I must to bed.