Monday, June 26, 2006

Day one dot five

So far, so good.

Jesse left midday yesterday, and the girls and I went to the toy store, to a friend's birthday party at the fun Y, and then dragged ourselves home. Hazel fell asleep, and could not be awakened for love or money (we tried both), so Hannah and I played with her new marbles and then I made dinner. We enjoyed eating it together, and played a rousing game of 20 Questions. Hazel still wouldn't wake up (seriously, ya'll, her eyes roll to the back of her head), so we settled in bed to finish The Wizard of Oz finally.

Of course, as soon as we reached the last page, Hazel woke up.

Hannah still went to sleep pretty early, but it was 10 PM before I finally left Hazel. sigh.

Today was the first day of camp, and they were both pretty excited, so we got there in good time. Hannah left me eagerly to play in the playground, but Hazel was pretty clingy and sad. When I went to pick them up, Hannah told me she'd had LOTS of fun, but Hazel (who is in a different part of the summer camp program) burst into tears at the sight of me and told me she'd missed Hannah - how sweet is that?

Once reunited, the sisters chattered at one another about all of the goings-on - who they'd made friends with, what they did, and how great their teachers were. It was very sweet.

Hazel came up with a great idea for gas stations this afternoon. She thinks they should have an automatic gas nozzle and hose that come out to your car, fill it up, and then go back in, so you don't have to get out of the car. Also, she thinks our neighbor R., who is a builder, should build a small gas station in our carport so we can just get gas at home. Good ideas, right?

Later on the ride home, she was telling Hannah that something was a "drillion" years old. "As high as numbers went." "No," Hannah stated with certainty, "numbers don't end - that's affinity."

Baby Hannah, math genius:

Baby Hazel, social engineer:

I'll try to post daily to keep Jesse up to date. The girls miss you terribly, Jesse.

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Jesse said...

Thanks for the post ad pictures - It'll hel a lot - no pressure though!