Thursday, June 08, 2006


The children are screaming downstairs, so my time may be limited...

Tuesday morning we awoke before dawn, and drove to the airport. The girls were thrilled, as all children on holiday seem to be. Our flight to Houston was quick and I ran into an old friend - a woman I worked for during college for several years, who has since moved out of state and was just in town for one night.

Our arrival gate at Houston Intercontinental was a short walk from our departure gate - a minor miracle. Hannah slept on the way to DC, and Hazel hummed quietly to herself and colored. The only time they were bored and cranky was while waiting on the runway to taxi, and who isn't?

Gene picked us up and whisked us to Annandale, to the house my grandmother has lived in for forty-plus years. She came out to greet us as soon as we pulled in and has been feeding us ever since.

The girls sleep in the beds my sister and I used to sleep in, and enjoy the basement (unheard of in Texas), the candy and cookie jars, and the amazing back yard.

OK, my time is up for now...more later.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful. I'm sure your girls will remember this trip for a lifetime.