Thursday, June 01, 2006

Show & Tell Thursday - least favorite furniture

Poppy and Blackbird have asked to see a piece of furniture this week. One of the things I like about this house is that we have a lot of built-ins, so it seems like we have less furniture than we used to. Not that we don't have plenty of furniture - we do - but when I went around looking for my least favorite, there really weren't a lot of pieces.

I'm going to have to go with this:

It's a Heywood-Wakefield triple wishbone table with six dog-bone chairs. Want to buy it?

I actually think it's a lovely piece, and I don't dislike it per se - it's just not my style. I love the provenance of it, as it used to belong to two people who are very special to me, and who have since gone their separate ways (hence the disposition of the table to us). And it is totally of the era of the house we now live in, but I still want another table. I just do.

It goes perfectly with my kitchen flooring as well, doesn't it? Someone once asked me if we had recently installed that linoleum - that cracked me up - is it really so stylish? I don't think so.


Angela said...

I actually had similar linoleum under another layer of linoleum that is under the pergo in my kitchen. Couldn't people take up at least one layer?

blackbird said...

oh my!
you have a love/hate relationship with it...do you have craig's list where you are? sell it and buy something you LOVE!

Daisy said...

bb - I did list it on Craig's List once last year, and I got a nibble, but I never went back and re-posted it to make it hit the top again...I really should. I really should do a LOT of things!!

rpm said...

Yeah for Heywood Wakefield...my grandparents had quite a few pieces. That's a classic. Your house must be really neat....with that floor and all!!!

Lisa said...

The main problem with this set (aside from structural issues) is that it was badly refinished at some point. So, in order to reclaim it's former glory, it needs to be stripped and refinished as blond wood again, and have some good fabric put onto the chairs. I know you aren't interested in doing that, so you could sell it to a dealer who will. Call Room Service or Uncommon Objects or some other place with several dealers in mid-century furniture. They can come look at it & make an offer. Then it is up to you to take it or not.

The linoleum is in pretty good shape, for harvest gold. ;-)