Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Austin, after all

Even though Austin boasts around a million and a half in population (the Greater Austin area, that is), making it a respectable mid-sized or a large small-sized city, it's still really a small town at heart.

For example: this afternoon, after camp, the girls and I went to a neighborhood pool to meet two friends. While we were there, we saw three different families we knew. Of those three, our friends knew two - and one of the families we knew was there with another family, also known to both of my friends. Later, another two families came, known to both of my friends.

Of all of these folks, only two families actually live in the nieghborhood in which the pool is - the rest of us just happened to go to that one today. We've run into the same folks at different neighborhood pools on other occasions.

Karibou - Rose says Hi, as does Sara(h?), who has a beautiful new one-month old baby girl and would love to see you and Mosey soon.


Suse said...

I love that small town feel in a city! Makes you feel all warm and gooshy inside, eh?

Krispy said...

You also realize it is because you are the Kevin Bacon of Austin.

Lisa said...

Yeah, that kevin bacon thing is true. Between you & Bou, ya'll know everyone. btw, the faux Ellen says Hi!