Thursday, July 20, 2006


Dang, I almost forgot - SNT Thursday is here (and going fast).

Coffee is a Very Serious Thing in our house. Occasionally (i.e. when pregnant) I will wean myself from it, only to be sucked back inexorably by Jesse's perfect brews.

We have several coffee makers:

~ the machine - which we gave to friends who then gave it back, years later - thanks again, guys!

~ the espresso machine, which was free thanks to the Big Company for which I work.

~ the single serve filter cone, which we take camping and to places where we fear for our ability to get good coffee, because, yes, we are coffee snobs.

~ the French Press, which is around for special occasions when one wants a strong brew.

We also have several coffee choices - decaf and caf natch. Ground (for when Jesse is out of town and I'm feeling lazy and pressed for time) and whole bean. Ground espresso for the machine.

Only 9 more hours until I get a fresh cup...


La Turista said...

Dang! You ARE serious about your coffee. We are on our third machine, and I have yet to learn how to work even one of them because I don't drink coffee, and T-Bone just has a cup or two in the morning. Seriously, if you ever come over, bring your own coffee, because I have no idea how to make it, but I like how it smells.

blackbird said...


I may need to drop by for a cuppa decaf.
You guys look like you know what you are doing...

Jennifer said...

Hooray for coffee snobs! Seriously, how can people drink that Folgers and Maxwell House shit?!?

Krispy said...

Maybe I should post with all of our coffee paraphenalia too. For all that gear, you'd think we'd (okay. me. you'd think I'd) do a better brew.

Are you guys still into coffee pods too?

Girl con Queso said...

Whooohoooo! Hoooray for coffee. We've got it brewing around here 24/7. Stop by anytime for a cup or four.