Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cooler weather

The Bad

It's down to 92 degrees F here in Austin. At 9:30 PM.

The A/C is grimly hanging on.

Hannah has the beginnings of a fever - 100.5, where I consider 100.7 "legal."

George peed in the house AGAIN. Damned dog.

The Good

We had gelatto after dinner.

We're enjoying our new Moomintroll book.

The girls are asleep.

The A/C and Plumber folk come tomorrow.

Ten days until J. returns.

I got out the invites for Hazel's shindig.


Krispy said...

10 days! it will fly! and then the pipes will be perfect! George will no longer suffer from her bladder infection! the weather will be cooler and the AC will be cooler too! and you will just enjoy.

Lisa said...

Really, almost 9 days now.

Jennifer said...

Gelato makes everything better.

Lisa said...

Hows your A/C?

And I keep waiting for a "Countdown to Jesse!".