Saturday, July 08, 2006

Happy 4th! (So I'm a little late - what's new?)

My sister claims that when we moved into this neighborhood, we were transported back in time to the bucolic 50's. True, we do visit with one another quite a bit, take vacations, both short and long, together, enter each other's houses seemingly at will, stay up late drinking cocktails and eating snacks while listening to teenagers play rock & roll and sneaking peaks at Playgirl magazines from the 1970's (Tom Selleck - I had no idea!) bequeathed to us by the elderly PhD next door...butI digress.

The point is, we also celebrate the holidays together. Easter - check. Halloween - check. Caroling for the holidays - check. So for the 4th we had, of course, a parade.

This car only comes out for parades. Last year, we had one for a neighbor's mother's 65th birthday - she still says it was her best birthday ever.

Hazel dressed her doll up to match herself.

Hannah wore pink, white, and baby blue, which she decided was close enough.

One neighbor rode his lawn mower, draped in a flag.

We went around the 1/2 mile block twice, waving and honking to no one, since everyone who wa shome was in the parade.

We also did fireworks in the rain that night, but I took no photos.

Next up: I have to tell you about my Key Incident.


La Turista said...

That looks very much like the parade we had in our neighborhood. Right down to the Museum birthday shirt that Peach wore! We must get together sometime to verify that we are not actually the same person.

Jessica said...

You guys sound like a really fun group of people! Thanks for making me snork!

Jennifer said...

I remember when I was in fourth and fifth grade, we lived in a really neat neighborhood with a 4th of July parade. We gussied up our bikes with streamers and playing cards (to make noise on the spokes) then ate homemade ice cream... it is one of my fondest childhood memories, very Rockwellian. I'm sure your daughters will remember this parade fondly, too.

Super T said...

That is so Mayberry cool.