Thursday, July 20, 2006


Lisa asks how my A/C is - why, thanks for asking. The helpful service man repaired a leaking something, added some freon, and it's at full blast now.

The plumbing is also better, although it may need some dire work in the next few years. I'm not thinking about that right now (ominous foreshadowing? Only time will tell).

I have the workings of a post floating around in my head about moms and work and ambition and families...spurred by a situation a good friend is in. However, the girls and I just got back from Nordstrom's, where we took full advantage of their sale prices on new Fall clothing (well, the girls did, I may have to go back for myself), and I am tired.

Also, we had to clean up after the hurricane which apparently blew though our neighborhood today, selectively striking two girls' bedrooms. This post-disaster clean-up work was heavy going, and the girls crashed immediately afterwards. I was pleased to fill two large zip-loc bags (you know I love those things - the HUGE ones) with rejected stuffed animals destined for Goodwill. I also snuck out a large plastic piece of crap I hate and stepped on and broke (accident, swear!) a wooden piece of same, so their rooms are much cleaner all around now.

Also, the countdown - I guess we can start. A week from tomorrow. And then, my friends, no bed-times for me for a LONG time.


Jesse said...

You know that, when I get home, they'll be all,"I want Mommy to help us...it's mommy's night!"

Jesse said...

That's really too many commas. I'm tired.

Daisy said...

They can cry for me all they want - I'll be at the gym.

Krispy said...

may I join you? and I will not leave instructions for my spouse on how to best put them to bed at the same time.

Daisy said...

Absolutely and HA!