Friday, July 14, 2006

Money for nothin'

Lately, Hannah has become very interested in money. She's figured out the basic building blocks - penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar - and is fairly accurate when she counts it. She wants to be the one to pay for things she gets, too - especially if she thinks she'll get change, since everyone knows getting change back is like making money! A new Costco opened in our neighborhood, so we went for the first time last week - "It's like a hardware store, only with food!" she exclaimed.

While there, we saw a life-sized playhouse on sale for $1200. "Can we get it?" both girls asked. "Well, I didn't bring $1200 - did you?" I replied.


A short while later, though, Hannah had an idea. "Why don't you quit your job, and be a maid," she suggested. "Then you'll have lots of money!"

She's acquiring a sense of frugality, also (Jesse will be so proud - it does not come from me). Afterwards, when I had called a friend to exclaim over exactly how much money one could spend at Costco on just 13 items ($230), Hannah rebuked me for spending too much. "Save some for later!" she advised.

Yesterday, we took Hazel's bike to the bike shop. She'd left it behind the car last week, and inevitably, I ran over it. Since her birthday is coming up, she requested a new one in lieu of repairing the old (well, one-year old) bike. Nonetheless, we took it to the repair shop.

On the way there, Hazel was still fussing about wanting a new bike. "Hazel!" Hannah remonstrated, "If Mama gets you a new bike, she won't have any money left over for other presents. Don't you want other presents, too?"

One bike repair - $35
One lesson in frugality - priceless

"fess up - what do your kids think about money?


Angela said...

I warned you about Costco - I think I at least end up with more items for the money. I am going tomorrow though...I think I might have to take a calculator just to keep it under control.

Angela said...

Also...the only thing Xander thinks about money right now is that he would like to eat it. I had to move the change jar when I noticed some was going in his mouth.

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