Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pains, Sprains and Dance Moves

Tonight we visited with our good friends Teri and Elijah, as well as Uncle Tim (Teri's brother), their dad, his sisters, and his wife. They all came over for dinner, in addition to my sister and Mosey. They're from Iowa, and left us with a good impression of their home state - all warm, wonderful people.

Just as Teri arrived, though, I got a call from Jesse, who had the same tone of voice I'd last heard when he told me the then one-week old car was totaled. He'd been playing frisbee, and hurt his ankle, and thought it was broken. After everyone had eaten dinner (how considerate of him to wait!) he was going to the hospital.

So, I was a little pre-occupied during our dinner.

He called back - just as Teri was about to leave so she could make an 8 PM work conference call, poor Teri - to say that it was a bad sprain, and he has crutches and an air cast.

Poor Jesse.

His room at the little college which is hosting his training is on the second floor, up a steep flight of stairs, in an older house cum dormitory. His peers very kindly arranged for him to swap rooms, moved all of his belongings for him, and are doing his laundry. Those Montessorians are good people.


Let me just say that I started this post over an hour ago, and naively believed I could quickly put up a short clip of the girls for Jesse. ARRGGGHHH!

No clips for you...not yet, anyway. I hope you feel better soon, Jesse, and am glad the ankle won't keep you from coming home Friday.

'night, all.


UPDATE again - success! Click on the link below to go hang out at Google Video and see some jammin' action:

Elijah and the Girls


Lisa said...

Hi Jesse! I hope they gave some kickass drugs. Sorry about the injury. Anyway, we can't wait to see you this weekend.
Keep it elevated.

Jesse said...

Thanks, Lisa. I have a scrip for vicodin, but I didn't fill it - I have work to do :(
Sinda - thanks for the video - it made my day!