Saturday, July 29, 2006

Return & Respite

Not only am I glad that Jesse's home for me - but at this moment, also for other selfish reasons. The children are awake, and I'm not in charge. Not mediating conflicts, not playing games, not reading, not chasing, not talking...we only have a little bit of peace & quiet this weekend, and our houseguests' early departure has ensured that I get to start enjoying it right now.

Thanks for counting down the days with me. Here's an old photo of Jesse so you can experience his return first-hand:

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Super T said...

Oh Sista'! I'm dancing with you!!!
Brian has been back since Friday. I've shopped, went to an adult party and drank, had a sleepover with my best friend, and calmly say "Go ask your dad"
So tomorrow when Hamster and I go to Iowa to see family I'll be refreshed and the peaceful mommy once again.