Monday, July 17, 2006

The secret to happiness

Take two children to the neighbors' house for the day - make sure they play hard, with occasional forays into 100+ degree weather, constant rehydration, and frequent snacking.

Take them out to eat at Suzi's Chinese Kitchen.

Drive home, playing quiet classical music on the radio.

Deposit children in bed, sound asleep.


*this involves ignoring the clogged drain-out pipe which forces nasty water into your kitchen sink when you try to wash laundry. You can wait until the plumber comes on Wednesday to wash those clothes and dishes, right?**

**OK, feel free to have a beverage.

~~~~ UPDATE ~~~

It could get worse...the A/C could freeze up. Cheers!


Bookhart said...

It is nice when you wear them out thorougly, isn't it? I've lately rediscovered the joys of the swimming pool--they swim and jump and walk (don't run!) all over the place, and you get to float there in relative peace.

Enjoy it while you can.

Lisa said...

Good luck with the plumbing thing. I find I can tolerate just about anything if the kiddeos are asleep and I'm holding a cocktail.

Antonia said...

Mmmmmm plumbing. We have a Thing in the sink trap that comes to life when we run the water for a few minutes. We know we should unscrew it and fix it and we each keep hoping the other will do it.

I particularly love it when I have someone stop by, like Ian's family, or a long-lost friend, and I care about whether or not they leave this house with a good impression. I make them a cup of tea, and we stand around chatting in the kitchen, smiling politely while it smells like something crawled up my arse and died.

Krispy said...

my downstairs water is the color of coke when I first turn it on. yes. the house looks new, but the old plumbing? it's still old.

my fingers are crossed for your A/C. I remember last summer - our old A/C would run nonstop for days. I kept thinking it would die while under our warranty and then we could have the warranty people pay for the new one. alas. at least you can escape to work AC.