Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Show & Tell & Tell & Tell

Tomorrow is Show & Tell, but I know I won't be able to post tomorrow, so I'm standing up early. Normally, I'm one of the last to post, so I feel no remorse.

Now that my rationalization is out of the way - Blackbird would like to see our sugarbowl. Happy to oblige!

I could show you this one, given me by my dear frind Triple L - it succumbed to the rash of crockery vandalism at our house this last week when four girls under the age of eight set out on a rampage:

Or I could show you this one, inherited from my Granny (not so much inherited, I guess, as passed down?) in which I keep my demerara(rarara) sugar - perfect for tea:

(I really should polish that silver lid.)

But what I'd most like to show you is my Denby sugar bowl (Spice, I think), which I love madly. The first one broke awhile back, and we replaced it through Replacements.com. I have to hide it from the girls, because we keep crack in it. The brown kind, of course.

(funny story - as I was proofing just now, I realized I'd inserted every photo except that of the Denby bowl. Apparently, I really don't want you to see it. Maybe I'm afraid you'll break it?)

While I'm here, showing you all my stuff, would you like to see the new blinds my mother bought for me in April? And which my BIL hung for me this weekend? Great! Here they are:

And there he is - thanks, Brian! Aunt Bou made us some fabulous meatloaf as well - treats all around!

I also purchased two barstool this weekend - well, four, if you count the two I promptly returned. I love love love it (it, because the second is on order from the third world country whence it comes).

Don't you wish you were sitting on it right now? It's very comfortable. Just the right height. Nice and sturdy. A perfect complement to the wood-panelled walls.

Two nights to go - tonight doesn't count, because they're already asleep.


La Turista said...

I'm totally in the market for some blinds like that. It would be nice if my children could eat their breakfast without being blinded by the morning sun.

Antonia said...

I love this tour of your kitchen shelves! I am a Cornish Blue freak, so everything looks the blue-and-white-striped same, except for the lumbering great novelty teapot in the shape of a caravan that my dad bought me as a housewarming gift. Thaaaanks Dad.

One night to go by the time you read this.

blackbird said...

Your house, and sugar bowls, are very groovy looking!

I'd like to see more...

Elizabeth said...

Like the Denby crack one!
Btw, I mentioned you in my last post about a Totoro Dinner, and you know why!

Super T said...

Thank you for all the mommy support!
5 weeks with out Jesse-- I'd fill the bowl with crack too!
I'm planning my release...pedicure, pool party and slumber party then brunch on Sunday.

Jeanne said...

Mmm, I like Denby, too!

Lisa said...

That stool is beautiful! And Yea, Brian! for hanging the shades! They look super swell. Where are they from??

Daisy said...

The blinds were custom-ordered from Home Depot, my mother's home away from home. The stool is from Khazana, which is a great, affordable import store on S. Lamar by Jaya and Wildflower.

Krispy said...

My handy hubby has procured a large (okay gigantic) piece of beam cut-off from the curb of some construction site and has deemed to make a similar (and I use that term very loosely here) stool for our house.