Monday, July 03, 2006

Still standing

On Sunday, we went out to the Ranch. Four familes from our neighborhood went, including four boys aged 11-14 or so, three girls ditto, and four girls aged 3-8. Plus four moms and two dads, both of whom had to leave early to work today.

The kids had a blast swimming in the pool, walking to the barn, and driving the mules (older kids). I got a welcome respite when everyone went down to the creek - about a mile - and I stayed back alone to make dinner. It was great.

Fun in the floatie:

Hannah and Hazel have been taking swimming lessons at the J camp, and are both much more confident in the water. Hzael is a little too confident, actually. But they had a blast.

Hazel would go out into the middle of the pool on her noodle:

We stayed overnight, and woke up to a beautiful Texas hill country morning, cool and foggy, clearing to sunny with occasional big puffy clouds. I even got to float in the pool for a while with no one attached to me.

Fun by the pool:

Does everyone know how great teenagers are with children? Here, L. is a seamonster:

And K. is just fun and sweet with them:

It's much easier to be nice to children who aren't your own little sisters.

Here, boys having fun, and the lovely back yard and vista...

We ate dinner in that covered patio last night, it was beautiful.

Some housekeeping items:

Hazel fell asleep on the way home, at 6:00, and is still asleep, as is Hannah now.

Angela and Paula watched George for us - thank you! She seemed to have had a lovely stay, and I hope she wasn't a hassle.

Toast is still alive, just FYI.

Tomorrow morning - the neighborhood parade. I'll try to take pictures.


Jesse said...

Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! I hope you're not too exhausted. Thanks Angela and Paula (and Xander!).

We had a Huge fireworks display here at old Hiram College. It was loud. Have fun at the Parade!

La Turista said...

That looks like an awesome place. Nice to get away for a few days!