Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blogging with ADHD...or, Random Thoughts

When checking the weather forecast, this is the image we see every day. Heat index today expected to be 106 F.

Toast is screeching - good morning, Satan.

My cousin - younger than me by about 8 years, and a staunch conservative - what's with that? - is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro right now.

The violin teacher at school does't have room for Hannah. Hannah has been waiting 2 years to take violin (I insisted she take piano first).

Thanks to Jesse's summer vacation in Ohio, we had to pay for childcare this summer. I know - most people have to pay for childcare all of the time. The point is, we had to pay for it unexpectedly - we only arranged for him to go in late spring - and so we hadn't really planned for it. I am not very good with the scrimping.

School starts Monday!

It's heavy trash day one day this week, and since we were gone all weekend, we didn't get a chance to put things out. I really want to clean out some junk. With my luck, the truck will come today and I'll miss my chance.

Our neighbors around the corner are moving - they've set out an entire block worth of truly trashy trash. I should take a picture.

Some other neighbors are coming home on Friday, after about two months' absence. They've adopted two children from India, who we get to meet at an ice cream social (hosted by another family) on Saturday. The children are almost exactly the same ages as H&H, I think.

Tomorrow is the day the housecleaner comes.

We need to buy school shoes this weekend - laces, no velcro, no cartoon characters, no lights. Plain old sneakers, pink OK.

I'm debating canceling the dance classes the girls are signed up for. Suddenly, it seems like too much work (for me).

Maybe I'll feel more chipper and capable of deep thought after a shower. Ciao.


Antonia said...

1. Shower.
2. Put on cheesiest radio station available.
3. Jump on sofa.
4. Sing into hairbrush.

(Maybe that only works for me.)

Our heatwave has lifted at last, and I was hoping I'd feel less "pfft" when we had a cool breeze, but I still can't muster any enthusiasm for anything. Bah. I might have to jump on the old sofa a few times myself before the end of the day.

I really want to see your neighbours' trash now.

Agent X said...

if you don't have laces or velcro, then what do you have? Buckles on tennis shoes?

Daisy said...

sorry - laces are proscribed, velcro is prohibited

Lisa said...

I'm still laughing at "I am not very good with the scrimping.".

ANd I want to see the trash.

Krispy said...

velco is not prohibited. it's just "frowned upon." there was a whole lot of frowning going on with N's velcro sandals. tough tennies!

this was a very uncharacteristic post for you. "scrimping?" "canceling?" "too much work?" all this from the woman who probably is doing a LOT of multi-tasking in that shower, while the rest of us slubs just manage to wash.