Thursday, August 10, 2006

Critical or Hypocritical?

I can't be critical anymore.

I've put my own trash out now.

(I don't have any pictures of it - it was dark when I finished. I had to take a shower.)

The trash pictured above? Mild cases, from other neighbors. The trashy trash? Here it comes.

Yes, they had to put cones out to protect the safety of others.

I took them sequentially, with my cell phone. Imagine what I could've done with a panoramic camera!

I woke up early this morning to post these for you.

Unfortunately, Hannah woke up early, too.

She'll be busy for a little while. I've just sent her off with the digital camera, so she can take pictures of the sculpy creature she made yesterday.

She's back already.

I still have more pictures to put up.

Are you amazed yet? This is a lot of trash.

But we're getting close to the end.

Almost there now.

Hannah - Why would Hazel be still asleep?

Me - Maybe she's not. Maybe she and Daddy are playing cards.

**running feet**

Parting shot.


Lisa said...

That is an assload of crap. I really thought you had been exaggerating. Your neighbors continue to amaze me. Of course, I have my crazy neighbor Jim, who keeps all his crap, spray paints it rainbow colors, and displays it proudly in his yard. I can't decide if he just loves the rainbow that much or is trying to come out of the closet.

La Turista said...

That is insane. I bet most of that was crammed in their garage for years, and now that they're moving, they're finally realizing what a bunch of crap it all is. I can only imagine what the inside of their house looked like. Ick.

Agent X said...

Have i told you my absolutely favorite thing about moving into Austin from P-ville is the bulk trash pickup thing? It's awesome. We have nasty carpet waiting to go away...

Daisy said...

I really wanted to take and post a picture of their house, because it is a little...trashy...but I thought that would be to tacky. Apparently, I have my limits.

Antonia said...

Oh my God! It looks like their house shat itself.

blackbird said...

I think I can only say -

Diane said...

Bulk trash pickup?? Oh, I remember those days fondly...in more ways than one, as my husband and I used to scavenge some quality items in certain Dallas neighborhoods (I recall a certain sombrero that rode around in the car with, and on, us for a while). Now, I'm simply obsessed with trash--how to get rid of it, not how to acquire it. I've even blogged on the topic a couple of times. I suppose I've even dreamed about it.

Girl con Queso said...

Unbelievable! Where was all this junk before? In their house!?! I can't believe they put that out for the city to pick up...

urban-urchin said...

is the house totally empty now? how can it have that much trash on the curb and not be empty. I felt like doing that right before we moved. Just throwing it all away and starting over but it's too expensive damnit.