Sunday, August 13, 2006


We've had a lovely weekend here at Casa Tired. Lots of neighborly gatherings - Friday night was dinner and a movie, when three families joined together and the kids watched Heidi projected up onto the wall. Saturday was Laundry Day - there, now that's done - and then we had our ice cream social. The two new children seem happy and tireless - their parents happy and tired. Today we had our weekly Brunch, so we all gathered again, with a few new faces. I snuck off early with my two and one other child, off to The Natural Gardener to think autumnal thoughts.

Yes, it's still over 100 F with no end in sight here, but since school does start tomorrow, I've determined to believe that the days will one day cool down. One day, the nipples in Texas will also poke.

In preparation for that day, I've planted my fall tomatoes, a few hardy & xeric flowers, and I'm making chicken soup right now (smells good, doesn't it?).

I urge all my fellow Austinites to follow suit - together, if we all wish hard enough, I think we can break this insane heat. Either that, or I've succumbed to heat stroke today.


Jennifer said...

Yes, I told Anna, "Tomorrow is the last day of summer," and she said, "Hey, Mommy, then we can turn of the air conditioner!"

Ha ha, not bloody likely!

Antonia said...

Aha! This is why I've had a lot of hits from Texas recently. (All hoping for more exciting poky-nipple-related material than what they actually find, no doubt.)

I'm sending lots of cool autumn breeze vibes your way. And yes, that chicken soup smells amazing.