Friday, August 25, 2006

Where in the hell is Sinda?

Have you seen that video yet? If not, go watch it, then come back.

You feel better now, don't you?

I'm still here. It's been a hellacious week at work...well, ok, not hellacious, but yet time- and thought-consuming. I've actually been up nights fretting over a current project, which is very unlike me (See Glee of Insanity). So more blog reading than writing has taken place.

But now, it's Friday, Hazel is rummaging through the freezer for some ice and who knows what else, and it feels like there may be a weekend in my future.

Hazel and I went to the grocery store tonight, because it occurred to me that if I worked now, I might get to laze around a bit in the morning be we head off to the Farmer's Market. (Highlight from my grocery trip today - CM is making multi-grain tortillas - yum.)

I'm trying to purchase as much food locally as I can - I've switched to meat from various vendors at the farmer's market (so far I've gotten bacon, ground beef, pork chops, lamb chops, and whole chickens - what's not to love?) - and I can also get soup there from the Soup Peddler
(although I often feel as though my owns soups are better, his are quicker and mighty tasty). I generally get one meal a week from our old friends at Pasta & Co - the kids love it as much as we do. I have shied away from our other old friends, although Dorsey is super-friendly whenever she sees me. Elaine tends to scowl. Not to mention the tomatoes, melons, apples (yes, already!), figs, eggs, cucumbers, lettuce, squash and other delights we find there. It's really an amazing market - even though the lady who organizes it seems sort of mean, she's done a great job developing this event.

Some Hazelisms for you:

1. Earlier tonight.

Me - Tomorrow is Papa's birthday!
Hazel - What should we get him?
Me - Why don't we call him and sing Happy Birthday to him?
Hazel - Should we sing the politer version?

2. As relayed by Aimee, Nanny Extrordinaire.

Hazel - Who was the first person ever?
Aimee - Well, I guess it was Adam and Eve. (um, no.)
Hazel - No. I think it was Grandma Rose. (Jesse's Grandma, Papa's mother, and the woman after whom Hazel Rose is named, posthumously)
Aimee - Maybe so.
Hazel - Or, that statue guy downtown
Aime - ??
Hazel - You know, the one by Town Lake?

Yes, my child posits that Stevie Ray Vaughan was the progenitor of humanity. This is why we live in Austin.

What else? It is so hot here. It's after 9:00 pm and it's 93 degrees. There are finally days in the foreseeable future with 20% chances of rain, and I can only hope that at least we get some cloud cover. People, I don't live in Arizona on purpose. I hate cacti and succculents. I am not cut out for this heat. OK, I'll stop whining now.

Bloggity things to do:

Got any good baby names lying around? Offer them to Antonia and Ian, why dontcha?

Send your love to Katie and the rest of the Kennedy clan.

Wish Melissa much luck with getting her "work" done in her "office."

Karla May totally got the job - go congratulate her!

Feeling heartbroken at the thought of no more Ben & Birdy tales? I was, until I found this. Thank goodness, is all I can say.

If I hear the dryer buzz one more time I'm going to lose it, and I'm too lazy to stand up, turn it off, and sit back down. So I think I'm done. Ciao, ya'll.


Krispy said...

thanks for sharing some of your weekend with us. in your cool air conditioned house with cool drinks and a lunch prepared and activities offered for the children (and medicine too) it was lovely.

and Matt? makes me what to try that trip to Europe next year. WITH the kids.

Antonia said...

Your posts keep making me hungry, you talk about such great food in them. I had no idea that food shopping could be so rife with politics, though (I mean the scowling).

I miss living near a good market. Sainsbury's just doesn't have that sense of community and our local mini-mart is completely insane. I'll work up the nerve to go in and take pictures one day.

Lisa said...

That video is great!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday, Hannah!