Monday, September 04, 2006

Doe, a Deer

I did actually start a post the other day, but then I fed an undigestible disc to my Mac and I had to shut her down. Sadness all around.

We're all better now, though.

This holiday weekend is also Hannah's birthday weekend, so it's been a bit hectic. Also, work continues to be worky.

Now that Hannah is six (!) she has requested a party with just the friends she invites, so we had that on Saturday at Cafe Monet. If you're here in Austin and you've never been, you should go. You paint your own pottery, and they have lots of stamps and stencils to assist the creatively challenged, such as myself. Hannah and her friends loved it.

Oh, and can I say how weird it is to run into a casual acquaintance (Hi! You know who you are!) who says she reads your blog?

Yesterday, we had the typical at-home gathering, with the neighborhood and our good friends, and everyone enjoyed it. Hannah had requested No Cake on Saturday, but she did want one yesterday, so I made Nigella's Chocolate Fudge Cake, which is quite good. Jesse grilled pollo al diavolo - a great marinade with lemon, garlic, salt, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and red chili flakes. I'm happy to report that we have several pieces leftover. Before we did the birthday cake routine, I told everyone the story of how when Hannah was born, it had been a horiibly hot summer, with I think 30 or so days in the triple digits. But on the day she was born, the sky opened up with torrential rainfall, and the hot weather finally broke. Not 5 minutes after she blew out her candles, it was full-out raining! She was very impressed with herself.

Afterwards, several women and I headed off to the movies to see Little Miss Sunshine. My throat still hurts from all of the laughing out loud. Seriously - that is one terrific movie - it's hilarious.

Hey, guess what? Time has lapsed and it's now even more days later.

Life has taken up so much of my time lately, I haven't had a minute to comment (much) much less post. I do find time to feed the deer each morning, though - they can be so recriminating when I don't.

Things I want to tell you about soon:

The trashy trash people moved, and immediately sold their house to a realtor (probably they did the selling before the moving). Anyway, he is selling it for FAR too much money, given that the house is in disgusting repair. Having seen their trash, I know you know that I mean disgusting.

So, two of us went over to investigate (at the invitation of the realtor). Broken glass and shotgun casings littered the ground. The "outbuildings" still contained trash and broken-down furniture. We couldn't get inside, sadly, but I'm not sure I could've entered anyway. Nutshell - I'm glad they're gone, even though I never met them, and I hope to goodness no one buys that house for over $200K. All I can wish for is a tear-down, and it won't happen at that price. I really don't think it can be redeemed, not even by Smith.

Hey, look - I already told you about it, so cross off the "soon."

That's all I have, actually, except that we are unlikely to move to Australia anytime soon, despite the supreme temptation.

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La Turista said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a great birthday weekend. And I think I might recognize some of those deer as the ones who practically beg at my front AND back door. With babies in tow, who can resist?!