Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Love Like This

Lately, it seems I can think of more things not to blog about than otherwise.

Today is Love Thursday, and I've never participated before, so that will be a start today. Behold, Love.

Baby Mosey is much-loved around here - as soon as he arrives he is fondled and cooed over, sometimes to his evident dismay.

I'm off tomorrow, so I get to be one of those moms for a day. You know, the mom who drops her kids off at school and then is FREE for the foreseeable future. I'm looking forward to that, as well as to ACL. I'm also looking forward to doing laundry and visiting the Farmer's Market, so go figure.

Oh! And here's the highlight of my day. I made a Smart Playlist in iTunes, of songs with "Angel" in the title. I've always wanted a compilation of Annie Lennox Angel songs, but I realized with iTunes I could go much farther. I'm listening to Stevie Nicks, Street Angel, now. Who knew I had 201 songs in my library with Angel in the title? Granted, many are dupes (Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, or Elvis Presley, anyone?) Now it's the BoDeans.

Gotta go now. See ya.

p.s. I've shamelessly ripped off Karen's gimmick, and titled my post from a song - Dan Fogelberg's, to be exact, which I found by creating another playlist using Love - 2668 songs, ya'll!


Bozoette said...

Nice shot -- everyone loves the babies, don't they?

antonia said...

I hope you're at ACL as I write. I've just been looking at the line-up and I'm envious: Willie Nelson, Van Morrison and Massive Attack all at one festival?! There are so many people in that list I'd love to see. Please let us know how wonderful it was so I can get a vicarious thrill through your blog.

Daisy said...

Antonia, I was too tired to post this weekend, but I do have a draft that I need to finish. We had so much fun...and much of it unpublishable, I fear.

You should come, next year, the year after - it's well worth it, and we'd love to host you!