Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Love So Beautiful*

Hannah and I had a sweet night tonight. I forget sometimes how important it is to sit down and connect with her. Hazel is so easy – so social, so breezily confident – that I have to remind myself that what works for her doesn’t cut it for Hannah.

So tonight, Hazel was completely losing it due to utter exhaustion, and Jesse kindly took her to bed right after dinner. (I should note that it took him well over an hour before she was asleep, whereas Hannah and I enjoyed the interlude I’m about to recount and then went to bed, and I was up and out of there long before he was.) Hannah had requested and received a lesson from Jesse on how to make “special coffee” using the espresso machine. After she made me my after-dinner cappuccino, she and I sat on the couch and knitted companionably for some time. She chatted about her day – a rarity - and we discussed knitting. She’s far more advanced than me - she was instructing me how to increase and decrease and also how to drop stitches to make patterns. She covets a pair of circular needles, so I promised a trip to the yarn store this weekend for those and for a new ball of yarn of her choosing.

It was a lovely way to spend the evening, and by the time we went to bed, as I mentioned, she was out like a light.

Hannah knitted this “watch” yesterday in her after-school program:

And this is what I’m working on. It was meant to be a scarf for myself, but I may give it to Hazel. I was modeling it after one I made for Hannah last winter that I wish were mine, but I couldn’t find quite the right colors. These match Hannah’s skirt perfectly, and Hazel has an outfit in the same material.

And while I’m bragging on my sweet Hannah, she brought home some work from school yesterday. This doesn’t happen very often at the primary level, and she was very excited to show me what was inside the rolled up poster-sized paper.

It's a map of the world, complete with hand-written labels for each of the continents. I'm in awe.

This is my post for Love Thursday.

* Roy Orbison


1girl2boys said...

That's great. Sounds like a very special way to spend time.

Bozoette said...

Those little chats are so wonderful.

Lisa said...

Wow. Remind to to talk to Hannah about knitting the next time I see her.

Anonymous said...

your girl is a better knitter than me. that's awesome. I love their names by the way.

cnedaria said...

Great world map project--I hope that my boys get to do something like that in school someday. I hate geography myself, but both my boys and husband are total map fiends. I'm also very impressed with the knitting--I've been working on the same shawl for about 8 years now. Knitting is NOT one of my talents. But someday I'll finish it, really!