Monday, October 02, 2006

The Name Game

I do have a post saved up, thanks to Lisa's lovely party Saturday and the revival of the Name Game.

What's the Name Game, you may ask?

It's not this.

Nor is it this.

Um, no, it's not this either.

Here's how it works:

Assemble a group of people - the more diverse, the funnier the game will be. Each person writes a list of names on a piece of paper, then cuts out the strips, folds them once, and drops them into a group bowl. Each person should write as many names as he or she can think of.

The names have to be of "real" people - and by real, I mean actual human beings who are now or who were once alive, or fictitious people/characters which you did not just make up. So by these rules, Gandhi is real, Bullwinkle is real, and Senor Lampshade is not.

Once you have a righteous pile of names in your bowl, the game starts. You'll need a timer.

The person who starts turns to the person next to her, and once the timer is set for 60 seconds, draws a name and begins to give the guesser clues. For example, if Gandhi were on your paper, you might say, "small brown person famous for not eating." You can't do "rhymes with," although in a pinch you could tell the guesser that it rhymed with something else you made them guess. Lisa, want to give more rules?

You get 60 seconds to go through as many names as you and your partner can get - once your time is up, your partner draws a name and starts the same process with her next neighbor. You go around the circle like that until the bowl is empty - although sometimes we like to change directions.

At any rate, it's complete fun, and we used to play it a lot in college. Jesse and I even had friends over to our hotel the night we were married to play it.

Next time I have a minute to post, I'll share some of the hilarious quotes from Saturday night. Keep in mind - they seemed funny at the time. Who knows what the cold light of blogger will show?


Jennifer said...

That was my first time to play, and all day on Sunday I kept thinking about it! How I could have made people guess what was on my paper, more names to put in the bowl, and what a dumbkopf I was to forget who shot JFK.

I blame the cheese.

lucyalaxander08500092 said...
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EmilyRoseJewel said...

Fabulous game. I will have to make a note of this. I would definately like to hear some famous quotes during the sequence of the game.

Bookhart said...

This is my daughter's name game (learned at school):

"Name game, name game,
I have a name,
you have a name,
what's your name?"

And then you say your name.

Probably this would not be so exciting at a grown-up party.

Suse said...

Speaking of names, I just read your comment at Yarnstorm about Hannah's middle name being Quinn and the quince tree being 'her plant'. You won't read it on my blog (I don't use real names but will do so here just this once) but my husband's and children's last name is Quinn, and all three boys were going to be called Hannah if they had been girls. My husband's favourite spinster aunt is called Hannah Quinn.

Just thought I'd share!

I guess I have to plant four quince trees now.

Lisa said...

Don't you just love the spam comments??

Anyway, I remember the Ghandi quote as "small bald person famous for not eating." but that was a long time ago & I'd had some alcohol.

I do hope you get around to posting your notes, because there was much hilarity. One of my personal faves was when Angela was trying to get me to say "Typhoid Mary" and just said "It's a kind of fever"... and then stopped. So I started guessing "Hemorrhagic? Disco? Boogie?".

Oh, another rule: You can't say what letter a name starts with, but you can say "third letter of the alphabet" or suchlike.