Thursday, October 05, 2006


OK, OK already!

Lisa is right - the presence of alcohol does big things for this game, although honestly, I think I used to be sober when I played it. Didn't I? Saturday night, however, the wine was flowing, and the cheese was abundant and plentiful.

So, remember, one person gives the clues, and the other guesses? Let's call them the "Giver" and the "Guesser."

Giver: What's a man's name that starts with Leo? (totally against the rules, by the way)
Guesser: Leo?
(Leonardo DiCaprio)

Giver: Good Dog...
Guesser: Fuck!
(this was when we were trying to get to Karl Rove)

Giver: Working Girls pushing vaccuum cleaners naked
Guesser: Housecleaners
(Melanie Griffith)

Giver: The pronoun of all of us
Guesser: Us?
(going for Rachel Weiss's last name)

Giver: Rhymes with sand dune, but it's not two syllables
Guesser: ...
(Ayun Halliday. Her name was in at least three times. The last time I guessed her when Angela said, THAT woman)

Giver: A movie with a very famous movie theme.
Guesser: ...
(Dr. Zhivago)

Giver: That Macy's Day fairy guy - the elf
(David Sedaris)

Giver: He slept with Anais Nin
Guesser: Henry James?
(Henry Miller)

Giver: Last name...Not a hill but a ...?
Giver: The pen, like a blank Blanc?
(Maria Montessori)

Giver: He's an asshole
(Donald Rumsfeld)

Giver: First name...not an allen wrench but a ?
Guesser: Hex wrench?
(Phillip Pullman)

Lisa: After this we get to watch the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players
Guest: Tractor breath?.

It may be the case that "you had to be there," but, several of you were. And I still think they are funny!


Jennifer said...

I am chuckling at the recap. I also remember "Caspar the Friendly Ghost" being in there twice (and me being fortunate enough to draw them consecutively!!!) and "The Red Baron" twice. Go figure.

Also, many politicians in the present government were hinted at beginning with, "He's an asshole,..."

Good stuff.

Agent X said...

why is it the stupid completely wrong clues are mine? Oh YEAH - red wine.... :)

La Turista said...

While playing Celebrity Taboo one time (kind of the same idea, but you have certain words you can't use as clues, hence the "taboo" part), and my partner said, "I'm fat. I'm thin. I'm fat. I'm thin." and I said, "Oprah Winfrey!" Point my team. The other team was pissed yet impressed by our abilities.

Lisa said...

Finally! The notes!
And I never remember you playing this game sober. Well, maybe when you were pregnant. And truly, there was an unholy amount of cheese this time. That had to slow us down.

meno said...

Macy's day fairy guy-the elf. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Sounds like you all had a great time.

Bookhart said...

You know, if MY clue was "He's an asshole," my first guess would probably be Donald Rumsfeld too.

I'm not a big game-player, but this one looks like fun, especially if there's some wine involved.