Monday, October 16, 2006

Several lousy weeks

Were any of you reading Melissa during Lice Fest 2004? I was. And back then, I was full of sympathy. These days, I'm full of empathy...and psychosomatic itching.

Yes, the children have had lice. Mostly a nit here or there, but lice nonetheless. On one notable day, more than half of their class were sent home with the buggers. The infestation had been going on for several weeks, but waited to enter our home until Jesse was gone (Day 1) on a week-long camping trip with his students. I missed two days of work that week, and he missed two the next week. Last week, I only missed some time in the mornings as we went in for the mandatory pre-school check (aka the Lice Party).

Today, the entire class was checked again, and everyone was clean.

I've washed all of the bedding again tonight...just in case. Wish me luck.

Oh - and does anyone have any good ideas for making a Halloween costume of a louse? The girls are particularly enamoured of this idea. Separately, a louse, together, lice- this cracks them up.


Antonia said...

How warm/cool is it in Texas at Halloween? If I were to make a louse outfit it would probably involve some sort of duvet, but you don't want your lice sweating to death.

In Northern Europe there's a prevalence every winter of these horrible beige/off-white coats that look like duvets and make people look like larvae, especially when you see a pack of them together. Wait till it gets properly chilly here and I'll get a photo.

Antonia said...

Okay. I had lice and grubs mixed up in my mind.

(It's just after midnight here: I'm sitting up late at the computer because I have particularly restless Restless Legs tonight. Now I'm five times itchy-crawlier than I was when I got out of bed.)

For a louse costume, maybe a waistcoat or jacket with a couple of extra pairs of arms stitched on (two stuffed pairs of elbow-length white gloves, even), and a big, full, erm, thing hanging from the back of the waistband? God this is hard to describe.

I hope I have kids who want to dress up as parasites. Seriously, it would make me so much happier than if they wanted to be princesses or some such crap.

blackbird said...

It's crackin me up!
Are lice little brown bugs?
Couldn't they wear body suits and tights and have some kind of additional arms or legs?

We're crackin up over heeyah just thinking about it...