Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bitten by fame

After three years at UT, studying, in succession, Petroleum Engineering, History, and Linguistics, I took a year off to move to Michigan with my girlfriend. In retrospect, it was the right thing to do – I was floundering about at University, had no idea what I wanted to do, and while I enjoyed all of the classes I was taking, had no master plan.

When I returned (it is effing cold up there!) I found a room to rent from a sweet girl who had money enough to own her home, but no social life. And, apparently, a horrific driving record, as one large insurance company declined to renew my coverage based on her history. I protested that she was my unknown landlady, but it made no difference. It still riles me.

Anyway, she lived in the Clarksville area, which was great for walking around, with lovely parks, small shops, a Laundromat and grocer right across the street, and a pharmacy that makes delicious breakfast tacos and shakes to this day. One day I was cruising the streets with my friend Barb – a series of posts lie in stories of Barb – and we saw a small terrier wandering the streets. My memory is fuzzy – I’m not sure if we saw him get hit by a car, or if he had been grazed already…I think we saw it happen. At any rate, we scooped him up – I think he bit me, in his fear and pain - and took him a few blocks down to the vet. He had tags on, so they were able to locate his owner, who lived nearby and came right away. He was devoted to the little dog – Mr. Cigar, as it turns out – and was very grateful to us for rescuing him. For whatever reason, we went back with the owner to his apartment, and I remember the thrill of riding in his retro car with flames down both sides.

I was such a dork that I hadn't recognized him or his name, so it wasn’t until we were back at Barb’s house that she told me who Gibby was.


Suse said...

Hi Sinda

I tried to post the Korknisse pattern link when you asked on my blog, but couldn't get a comment to work. So I'm back a week later trying again.


Hope it works! Happy new year.

Lisa said...

I remember when that happened!

Where the hell is Barb now, anyway?
i miss her.