Thursday, December 07, 2006


This year, I announced my desire and intention to "unplug" from the Christmas machine. It's not a very original thought - Fussy mentioned her personal practice recently*, as did one of Fluid Pudding's new posters, as well as someone else who I can't remember right now. It's reassuring to see so many variations on it out there, as I quickly found that my small list of people to whom we would still give gifts (children of ours, children of family members, children of friends who are like family members) has grown and grown again. Like a holiday amoeba, really - doubling its size every time I turn around.

* Fussy says "Also, my philosophy of gift-giving is as follows: if I'm not going to physically see your body on Christmas day I'm probably not going to buy you a gift. The only relatives I mail gifts to are the ones who helped raise me (or my husband) from helpless infantility to adulthood. If you're not one of those four people, don't even look for a card. And I expect the same, i.e., nothing. Exceptions: niece/nephew types get cash, for which I expect only a shyly mumbled or painstakingly e-mailed Thank you, Aunt Eden"

It's not that I don't like giving gifts to people - I do, I love it! I love the buying, the planning (which sometimes happens before the buying, sometimes not), the locating of other people to do the wrapping, oh, and the buying of the wrapping paper (hello, Container Store!). I love the get-togethers, the exchanging, the food, the wine, the food, and the wine. Also, the food and the wine.

And it's not that I'm stingy, or don't like spending money. Ha. That is not my problem.

And it's not as if I'm even a believer of the whole Jesus-Santa story. You know the one - Hazel told it to me just the other day - how Santa is Jesus's father and there's this little baby in a manger and hey, can you see Allah in that cloud? I don't really buy this story. Me, I worship at Whole Foods and Central Market, on a 2-3 times a week basis - that's my story.

But, the growing. The growing has happened. We now have the teachers, the assistant teachers, the musical instrument teachers, the administrative assistant, the employees, the boss...that's all, for now, but it's sure to grow again.

Here's what I want to know: what do you do for Hannukah/Christmas/Insert Your Gift-Giving Holiday here? I know I've been gone for lo these many days, but the next time you stop by, and realize that OMG SHE"S ALIVE, please speak up.

Merry Christmas.


Jennifer said...

I halfheartedly clicked on my link to your blog, thinking it was pointless, when -HALLELUIA - you had finally updated. I was beginning to think you'd given up on the blog. Welcome back.

Fortunately, in my immediate family (the one I grew up in, not the one I'm currently in charge of) and in my mother's extended family, we do a gift exchange so that you only have to buy one gift for one uncle and one sister (or similar). Young children excluded, of course.

Also, Anthony and I decided long ago getting each other individual gifts was too much stress and too expensive, so get something together - this year its going to be a new patio poured. I can't wait!

Girl con Queso said...

A few years ago both my and the HcQ's families started drawing names. So we each only have to buy one present for each side. They're bigger gifts (the limit is anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars, depending on the side of the family), but it's transformed our Christmas. I love it! We now actually take time and watch every gift as it's opened. And each gift is a big deal. It's fun. And simple. And it makes pre-Christmas shopping so easy.

Daisy said...

Jennifer - I know, I figured since I'd missed a day, in for a penny in for a pund - I took the rest of the month off! Thanks for checking back.

Jesse and I kind of do that too - this year, we're getting a new digital SLR. But we also do a few minor gifts for each other...mostly so we have something to do while the girls are tearing into their gifts!

GcQ - hi there! I'm glad you've come down from your Christmas panic-induced high. Thanks for posting your iMix, I've been looking for more holiday music.

I like the one big gift idea - that way, you get the fun of shopping, and the fun of giving, but you don't go overboard. Thanks!

Suse said...

Hi Sinda, I'm glad I've found you again (or more accurately, you found me). The korknisse pattern is


I couldn't get the link to work when I blogged, but it's behaving again now. As to how do you deal with presents, I made heaps of the tiny stocking decorations photographed on my blog and they went inside cards. Much cheaper and easier than lots and lots of expensive 'stuff'.

Happy Christmas to you and yours! Hope Hannah enjoys the korknisse.